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How to Make Homemade Weed Killer

·      Get a gallon sprayer at a Home Improvement store. Mix equal parts of vinegar and lemon juice in the sprayer and spray directly on the weeds. It works best if the temp stays above 70 degrees at least for a couple of days. Watch the weeds turn brown and die in no time! Repeat as needed! 


·      Mix 1 gallon white vinegar, 1 cup table salt, and 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid together and spray on weeds. To do so, remove approximately 2 cups of vinegar from the jug, pour in the salt and dishwashing liquid, then return the 2 cups of vinegar to the jug. Close the lid and shake to mix.


·      Here's a great weed killer you can make yourself for about $2 a gallon: Dissolve 1 pound table salt in 1 gallon white vinegar (5% acidity is ideal) Add 8 drops of liquid dish washing detergent (helps plant material absorb the liquid) Label and keep out of reach of children. You can use this in an ordinary spray bottle. This non-toxic formula acts as a temporary soil sterilizer, so don't spray near roots of trees, shrubs, or plants you'd like to keep. This is especially effective on a gravel driveway. 


·      1 gallon white vinegar plus 1 pound of table salt 


·      Here's something I've used: Combine one ounce gin, one ounce dish soap and one ounce vinegar. Put into a 32 oz. sprayer and fill with water. Spray just the weed.


·      You can also put baking soda on just the weed. They turn black and shrivel up.


·      To kill weeds in sidewalk cracks, pour boiling water on them.


·      If you go purchase vinegar, 10% acidity, 20% acid would be better, and spray it on the weeds in the heat of the full sun, you will have an effective weed killer.


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